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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Day Whatever

Tomorrow after work (5:30ish) I'm having my 1st ever training session at a gym ( ). They'll give me an evaluation & teach me what I need to do to keep fit. The plan is to go every day, or at least Monday-Friday & take the weekends off. I'm planning a trip to Florida the 2nd week in September, so I'd like to at least have some toning done & to shed a few of my unwanted pounds.

Realistic goals:
1) to get toned back into my dancer's body (so i can take some classes again)
2) to get down to 125 lbs and stay there comfortably. I'd rather weigh 120, but I'm shooting for 125 right now. That's a reasonable start.
3) to exercise my gut down to a size I can deal with.
4) to minimize my cellulite, if that's even possible.
5) to stop my thighs from rubbing together when I walk.

Are those okay?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Day Thirty-One

Pepsi for breakfast. mmmm . . . i go to the nutritionist today at 5:15. we'll see how that goes. she still hasn't cashed my check from 6/23. i hate when people hold onto those for a long time. stresses me out wondering when they're going to finally be cashed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Day Thirty

worked out this morning. proud of myself for doing it. i cheated though and had a piece of beehive pie for breakfast. it's my coworker's bday today. i'm eating cottage cheese right now & will add some lunch meat soon. man, i want that other piece of beehive!!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Day Twenty-Five

i exercised after work yesterday as promised. 2 days in a row! i'm taking a break today, but will get back on the saddle again tomorrow when i get up. ate pretty healthy today, cept i just had part of a chocolate bar. not all of it though! my bf and i just had a talk about my lack of wanting to have sex since i don't feel attractive with all this extra weight. maybe he finally understands.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Day Twenty-Four

didn't sleep very well last night. i laid in bed for what seemed like hours until i fell asleep. maisie woke me up at 7 to let her out. i knew i needed to go work out since i was up, but i was so darn tired. i'm gonna make myself work out when i get home instead.

breakfast: kashi bar, can of cherry coke, 1 cup coffee
lunch: 1/2 piece of grilled chicken, 1 roll, 1 glass coke

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Day Twenty-Three

i woke up early & worked out for 1/2 an hour. i'm so proud of myself. i was definitely feeling the burn! afterwards, i showered, then went to the store to get the components for my diet. i haven't been following it for a good week & a half. once my food supply runs out at home, i seem to revert back to old habits. i'm back on my cycle again, as of today. i have a dr's appt for my meds today at 1:50. i'm going to ask her to put me on time release depakote. i can't seem to remember to take the 2nd one each day like i'm supposed to. i'm a shove-all-the-pills-down-my-throat-in-the-morning type of gal. there's no deviation to the plan.

breakfast: 1 cup kashi cereal, 1% milk, 2 cups coffee
lunch: 6 cheese cubes, 1 cup cottage cheese, 3 turkey slices, some raw carrott sticks.
dinner: cheeseburger with mozzarella cheese

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Day Twenty-Two

the struggle gets harder & harder. i've never been fat before. i am overweight. officially. not just in my head like before. it was my birthday weekend, so i just ate whatever i wanted. pig. my bf bought me a bikini. it fits, but shows my rolled-over gut, my cottage cheese thighs & touching inner thighs. disgusting disgusting disgusting. if i squeeze my calves, i can see the beginning of cottage cheese calves even! something must be done. exercise bulimia, here i come. mark my words. i will regain my body. it will not take over.