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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


i'm 27, soon to be 28. i'm female. i don't eat. i've been anorexic twice before, an exercise bulimic once. i don't like food. i've never liked food. i've never eaten properly. i've dealt with depression, bipolar, abortion, and rape (well, mostly). now it's time to tackle my eating disorder.

i took the first step yesterday, by seeing a nutritionist. i was in her office for 2 hours explaining my past. she gave me a meal plan to follow to start getting myself to eat better. she also gave me homework: to set up an appt with an eating disorder counselor. i left a message today.

here is the meal plan i am to follow until my next nut. appt, next thurs:

*I must have 8 x's 8oz of fluid a day (i've only been drinking once a day, leaving my urine very dark)
*eat 4 x's a day
*take 1 viactin vitamin a day

Breakfast Choices:
a) 1 Protein Bar, 1/2 fruit, 1 coffee
b) 1 cup cereal, 1/2 cup 1% or skim milk, 1/2 fruit
c) Eggbeater omelette with red peppers and mushrooms, 1 piece toast, 1% milk or coffee

Lunch Choices:
1/2 Turkey sandwich, 1 yogurt or 1 cottage cheese or 1 cheese stick, raw veggies or 1 fruit, 8 oz of fluid

Dinner Choices:
a) Eat out 2 nights a week--eat at least 1/3 or 1/4 & plan leftovers for another meal.
b) work on ideas with my boyfriend

Snack Choices:
a) 1 yogurt, 1 cottage cheese, 1 fruit, 1 sippable soup
b) mcdonalds fruit & walnut salad or wendy's fruit cup

this journal will chronicle my progress.


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